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First off, do not stress the outfits. While I encourage you to find something you love the look of, it's more important that you feel good in what you're wearing. When you look back on your session you're not going to remember all the little things. BUT you will remember how it made you feel. Plus, that's what the photos are for! You don't need to remember the little things, you can see them!

When choosing outfits, the most important part if ensuring they fit properly. This takes away that little voice in your head telling you "I wish this fit better" and let's you be full present in the moment. We want this experience to leave you feeling confident, sexy and at home in your body. Don't get caught up on sizes, it's only a number! If it fits properly, it's going to flatter your body and you're going to feel amazing. Find items that support you, aren't too tight, and don't gap.

What to look for: There are so many options out there to fit your style! When you start looking I encourage all of my clients to look for a bodysuit. They look flattering on every body type and they come in a wide variety of style and colors. Not finding one that you like? Send me an email and I will help you!

To all my curvier clients, while you might want to avoid outfits that hug your body, I promise you that you want your lingerie to hug your curves. Trust me, you are going to look amazing!

Outfit number 2 Bra/Panty sets. These are versatile and come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Make sure the fit is great, look for pieces that have fun detail, and try to avoid halter style tops. While they look great this is purely for posing options. Being able to pull and play with the straps allows for additional hand placement options during your session. Your set doesn't have to be anything fancy, remember that how you feel if the most important part. Don't underestimate the sexiness of a classic Calvin Klein set!

All my sessions allow for 3 outfits but that doesn't mean you have to use all of them. For your third outfit consider something out of the box or opt for a cozy one. Think fishnets and a cotton thong! Choose to rock your birthday suit, or no bra, with a white sheet for a bold and sexy finish. Or go the cozy route with an oversized sweater and undies, your fav set of pj's or a robe! No matter what you pick, I know you're going to rock it!

Less feminine options: I know not all my clients want to wear something feminine or dress in lingerie. Some options to think about are: wear your birthday suit, t-shirt and underwear, boxers, button-up shirt or plaid, suit jacket or blazer, leather jacket, sports bra.

Things to avoid: Anything too cheap - if it's cheap it probably looks cheap. Not to say this is always the case, just be cautious! Stay away from wild patterns and bright colors. We want the focus of these images to be 100% on you! Not sure what color to pick? Here are some of my favorites: maroon, red, mustard, dark green, plum, black, mauve, anything neutral! The same thing goes for your nail polish - keep it simple and classic. And last, no corsets or babydolls! These outfits make posing a lot harder and limits what we can do. With a corset you will not be able to bend or arch and we don't want that.

Lingerie not your thing? Don't fret! That is 100% ok! There are so many non-lingerie items that you can rock and look hot! Daisy duke shorts, fishnets, a leather jacket, ripped jeans, a white tank top, an off the shoulder sweater, a sheer kimono. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box. Ask yourself what makes you feel sexy when you wear it? Grab it and throw it in your bag! Remember -- this session is about YOU! Sexy is whatever YOU make it.

When it comes to accessories, I tell all my clients to keep it simple. A dainty necklace, your wedding bands, small, dainty earrings, choker. Again, we want the focus to be on your beautiful face. Keep it simple, simple, simple. If you're not sure what accessory you want, toss a few in your bag and we can decide at your session.


There are so many amazing places to find lingerie and outfits for your boudoir session. Here are a few that I suggest starting with!

Storefront: Nordstrom, Forever 21, Anthropologie, H&M, Victoria's Secret, Brachic, Change Lingerie, Brio

Online: Adore Me, Forever Yours Lingerie, Nasty Gal, La Senza, Fashion Nova, Honey Birdette, Thistle & Spire, Prettylittlething

Curvy: Torrid, Curvynbeautiful, Fashion Nova, Got Curves, Adore Me, Layne Byant

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