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Updated: Nov 1, 2021

You did it! You're all booked in for your boudoir session and I'm looking forward to the special day. You might be feeling a whole bunch of different emotions right now, and that's totally normal! Whether you're a little scared, nervous, excited or wondering what did I just get myself into? It's all normal!

I will be there for your the whole way. Any questions that come up, never hesitate to send me an email!


Now that you have your session booked you want to start looking for your outfits as well as hair and make-up inspiration. Along with what you're doing to wear, make sure you spend some time setting up your mood board. Pinterest is a great resource for this as it has a lot of content to look through and it's super easy to store everything in one place. Once you have your board started, or you're happy with the poses and inspiration you've added, send me a link to the board so that I can take a look before your session!


There are a few things you should know before your session. Make sure you don't skip over this! 1. Stretch! This might sound weird but for at least a week leading up to your session, do some daily stretches. This will help with some of the positions that we'll do at your session. Nothing crazy...I promise! 2. Drink LOTS (I mean lots) of water! This will help hydrate your skin to make it glow and help combat bloating. 3. Skin Care stick to your normal routine. If you have an acne flare-up leading up to your session try to avoid makeup to give your skin a break. Leave it alone to clear up and don't forget to moisturize. 4. Nails if you're not someone who typically does their nails then opt for short, clean nails. If you enjoy getting your nails done I suggest doing them 2-3 days before your session to avoid chipped polish or outgrown nails. Neutrals are the best choice so that it will automatically match all your outfits and your makeup. 5. Self Care the night before your session, treat yourself to a little self-care. Whether it's a bubble bath, sometimes alone or watching your favourite movie. Take a little time to appreciate yourself and give your body what you need. 6. Shaving/waxing this isn't necessary by any means but a lot of ladies want to shave or wax before their session. If you choose to wax, it's best to do it 3-5 days in advance so that any redness or bumps have gone away. When it comes to shaving, do it the day before so that the skin has calmed down but it's not growing back yet.


The night before: have your bag packed! I always tell my gals to pack ahead of time to alleviate stress the morning of. Have all your outfits and any props you want to be packed up. Make sure you have a water bottle, mask and anything else you might want in your bag. We will go through all of your items when you arrive (after hair and makeup) and pick out the best options for you! Other than just your outfits, think shoes (if you'd like - if you're a barefoot kind of girl like me, don't worry about shoes!), simple (or no) jewelry, & props like hats, a book, your favorite mug (or anything you'd like to work into your session). You can also pack your favorite lipstick (if you have a signature shade)!

If you need to wash your hair, do it the night before -- not perfectly clean hair holds curls better. Make sure your hair is dry when you arrive for hair & makeup. Take this time to pamper yourself the night before. Take a long bubble bath with your favorite bath bomb, relax your mind and remind yourself that you're going to rock it tomorrow!

SLEEP! Try your very best to get a good sleep the night before your session. It might be a little nerve-wracking but don't lose sleep stressing over the "what if's." I've got you, it's my job after all! I'm here to help you look your best and ensure that you have a great time.

The morning of your session: Wear loose-fitted clothing. Avoid anything that fits a little too snug to help avoid clothing lines when we get started. Come with your face clean and your hair dry. Make sure you EAT before your session. Please do not avoid food beforehand because you think it will help you look thinner. You're going to need your energy so eat something -- protein and fruit are perfect pre-session foods! I promise you're going to look amazing.

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